“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”
– Charles Kingsley

EcoGather online learning

EcoGather is a $1.5m three-year project inspired by David Fleming’s books. Launched in 2020, in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it offers a shift from traditional “distance learning” to place-based, community-focused education dedicated to the regeneration of ecosystems, communities and local economies.

Key partners

Vermont’s wonderful Sterling College is the key partner on this project. Philip Ackerman-Leist, Dean of Sterling’s School of the New American Farmstead, is the key contact on the collaboration, with Shaun accepting a role as consulting scholar to the project.

Shaun also leads the popular ‘Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time‘ course as part of EcoGather, alongside invited guest teachers including Vandana Shiva, Rob Hopkins, Richard Heinberg, Kate Raworth, David Abram, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Kali Akuno and Nate Hagens.

Dedicated mailing listUpdates via Shaun's dedicated mailing list. Subscribe for future updates or check out previous ones here.
Late 2021Opening of our new Surviving the Future course:
The Deeper Dive
In response to eagerness from our alumni, we have developed a deeper offering.
04.01.2021Second run of Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time beginsAnother two-month adventure together!
06.04.2020Surviving the Future: Conversations for Our Time beginsThe first EcoGather course. 250 participants from 25 countries share a powerful two month journey of community-building, connection and mutual learning.
17.05.20183-day course beginsMartin Kirk, Matthew Derr and Richard Heinberg lead Sterling College's first 'Surviving the Future' course based in David Fleming's work.
01.12.2017Surviving the Future symposiumDavid Bollier, Peter Buffett and Chuck Collins are among the speakers at Sterling College's symposium around David Fleming's Surviving the Future. Event poster here.

The Happy Pig

The Happy Pig is a bastion for the renaissance of the non-monetary economy. A throwback, and throwforward, to the days of simple hospitality being the norm. It is also one of the places Shaun regularly calls home in his nomadic – if non-flying – lifestyle.

Put simply, it is a place where you can turn up unannounced and confidently expect a warm welcome, a good drink, fine conversation, and a bed for the night, without money changing hands.

As a ‘free pub’, bunkhouse and community space (not to mention home to a spectacular library), it is a chance to remember what it is to not have to find money simply to have a place to exist.

To remember that Nature’s bounty is freely given, that great craic is what life’s all about when you get roight down to it, and that you’ll never beat Shaun at table tennis.

Key partners

Shaun‘s great friend Mark Boyle founded The Happy Pig as a practical expression of the ideals they work for in their lives, and the self-built electricity-free cabin he calls home is a short stroll away.

Many wonderful people helped build both the structure and the spirit of The Happy Pig, and Shaun and Mark are among six custodians keeping both safely out of the grip of the market.

30.03.2021A year of CovidLike so many other venues, The Happy Pig's income dropped to zero over the past year. Happily, for us that was normal!
09.02.2021An episode of Ben Fogle's New Lives In The Wild, featuring Mark, airs on the UK's Channel 5A one hour programme (focused on Mark's life and cabin, also featuring The Happy Pig), available in the UK or to those using a VPN.
08.10.2018'Marblehill', by actress and model Lily ColeA four minute taste of the place by our friend Lily, a gift-economy pioneer in her own right.
23.07.2016Party time!The now-wondrous Happy Pig hosts a big celebration weekend with all its crowdfunders and friends!
24.03.2015Happy Pig ultimate crowdfunder successThe grand total now reaches £21,185 to help make The Happy Pig a full reality!
15.08.2014Vice magazine articleBryony Stone comes for the weekend, on behalf of Vice magazine.
11.03.2014Happy Pig initial crowdfunder success!Over 200 supporters give £10,980 (and a lot of time!) for the initial build.
28.01.2014Crowdfunder launched to create The Happy PigIf the time had come for such a free space, it would have to be created by the people, for the people.

The Sequel: What Will Follow Our Troubled Civilisation?

The Sequel is the 2020 feature film about the vision, legacy and influence of the late Dr. David Fleming, author of Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It.

Key partners

As executive producer and scriptwriter, Shaun worked closely with BAFTA-winning director Peter Armstrong on this project.

The film also features contributions from several luminaries inspired by Fleming’s work, from Helena Norberg-Hodge and Rob Hopkins to Roger Scruton and Jonathon Porritt. And Bullfrog Films quickly signed up as the global distributors.

Dedicated blogUpdates continue via the film's dedicated blog.
09.11.2018Preview releasesExclusive preview releases for educational institutions and grassroots groups.
28.07.2018Bullfrog FilmsAgreement reached with Bullfrog Films as global distributors, and title and blurb finalised.
09.05.2018Film roughcut completedThe one-hour roughcut film is now complete, and shared with potential distributors.
01.12.2017Viral receptionBy the start of December there are five taster clips online, receiving millions of views via social media sharing.
18.09.2017Deep Time tasterThe first taster for the film is released - an adventure in Deep Time - and immediately goes viral on Facebook...
17.09.2017Website launchedA dedicated blog and website is launched for the film, in the hope of engaging the wide community of old and new Fleming fans in pulling it together.
04.07.2017Work on the film beginsAfter initial meetings between Peter and Shaun, we agree to collaborate on the project and get to work sketching out a draft outline, under the working title The Seed Beneath the Snow.

Commissioning Editor for Chelsea Green

Off the back of the close collaboration on Lean Logic, Chelsea Green Publishing offered Shaun a role as their first Commissioning Editor for the UK/Europe.

This proved a great fit, with the role’s description as follows: “Identifying authors and book projects in line with Chelsea Green’s mission: to reverse the destruction of the natural world by challenging the beliefs and practices that are enabling this destruction, and by providing inspirational and practical alternatives that promote sustainable living”.

Key partners

Authors and activists doing work that deserves a wider audience, and the editorial team at Chelsea Green Publishing.

15.10.2020A Small Farm Future launchChris Smaje's commissioned A Small Farm Future finally reaches pandemic-delayed publication.
17.10.2019From What Is To What If launchedRob Hopkins' commissioned From What Is To What If reaches publication.
05.09.2019Dancing with Bees launchedBrigit Strawbridge's commissioned Dancing with Bees reaches publication.
01.01.2019Shaun steps downShaun hands the role on to pursue his own writing and other projects.
06.11.2018Oil, Power, And War launchedMatthieu Auzanneau's Oil, Power, And War is launched in English (a translation and update of Or Noir, the original award-winning book in French).
04.10.2017Being Salmon, Being Human launchedMartin Lee Mueller's Being Salmon, Being Human reaches publication.
05.09.2017Walking on Lava launchedThe Dark Mountain Project's Walking on Lava: Selected Works for Uncivilised Times is the first book brought to publication through Shaun's commissioning role.
01.04.2016Commissioning role officially beginsShaun identifies the first potential book projects and begins learning the ropes in his new part-time role.
24.04.2015Collaboration first established with Chelsea GreenChelsea Green Publishing sign up to publish both the full Lean Logic (hardback) and Surviving the Future (paperback), with Shaun as editor.

David Fleming’s Lean Logic

Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It is the astonishing life’s work of the late Dr. David Fleming, Shaun‘s close colleague and friend.

Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy is the more accessible paperback version which Shaun conceived and lovingly edited out of the main book.

Key partners

Shaun and a small group of David’s former colleagues, friends and family have stewarded his influential work and worked to spread its insights and pleasures to a wider audience. From 2015, Chelsea Green Publishing have been invaluable allies towards this end.

Dedicated mailing listUpdates continue via Shaun's dedicated mailing list. Subscribe for future updates or check out previous ones here. Including the now-completed film!
10.09.2016Book tourThe book tour begins. Events inspired by the books are still growing years later. Footage from past events and details of future ones here.
08.09.2016Launch dateBoth books are officially launched September 8th, with a number of launch events planned for the following months.
09.12.2015Webpages launched for both booksChelsea Green launch their webpages for both Lean Logic and Surviving the Future.
29.11.2015Fifth anniversary of David Fleming's deathThe cover design and editor's preface for the new, fully-edited Lean Logic are released to commemorate the fifth anniversary of David Fleming's passing.
24.04.2015Chelsea Green sign up as publishersChelsea Green Publishing sign up to publish both the full Lean Logic (hardback) and Surviving the Future (paperback), with Shaun as editor.
04.04.2014Lean Logic extracts feature in Dark Mountain Book FiveThe fifth Dark Mountain book is published, featuring Shaun's second set of selected extracts from Lean Logic.
18.07.2013Lean Logic extracts feature in Dark Mountain Book FourThe fourth Dark Mountain book is published, featuring Shaun's first set of selected extracts from Lean Logic.
29.09.2012Work begins on Surviving the FutureIn light of the brisk sales of the full book, work begins on Surviving the Future, intended as a taster, pulling out key threads from Lean Logic in a more conventional narrative format.
04.08.2011First reviews receivedThe first reviews of the book start to arrive.
13.07.2011Lean Logic website launchedA dedicated website is launched for the self-published book.
07.07.2011Lean Logic self-publishedLean Logic is self-published by David's friends and family in a hardback first edition of 736 pages, just as David left it, typos and all.
29.11.2010RIP David FlemingDavid dies as he is nearing the end of preparations for the publication of his masterwork, the product of thirty years of dedicated craft.

The Ecological Land Co-operative

The Ecological Land Co-operative exists to provide affordable opportunities for new ecologically beneficial projects and smallholdings to find land.

Shaun was a key member of the co-op’s board from 2012, as they won planning permission for their first site and then raised over £300,000 in community shares to drive forward their plan to deliver 25 new ecological smallholdings by 2020. He stepped down as Chair in 2015, but remains an enthusiastic member.

The ELC secured planning permission for its first site, Greenham Reach, after a long battle, culminating in a 2013 public inquiry. In the process, we received over sixty official letters of support, including from the Soil Association, the Campaign for Real Farming, the Transition Network, the Permaculture Association, the Devon Wildlife Trust, Food Policy Professor Tim Lang and other academics, Jonathon Porritt, Zac Goldsmith MP, John Hemming MP and Caroline Lucas MP, as well as established organic smallholders and local residents.

Key partners

The Ecological Land Co-operative works alongside the likes of Chapter 7, The Land magazine, Landmatters and Lammas in the struggle to reclaim people’s right to live on and work with the land.

See also this blog post, setting that struggle in context.

Updates continue on ELC websiteOur growing ELC staff team now has a dedicated news page, where more recent updates can be found.
31.10.2013Site infrastructure developing, in preparation for 2014 growing seasonThe selected holders of the three plots move caravans on to the site to allow them to work on site infrastructure, tree planting etc. A beautiful shared barn with 20,000 litres of rainwater collection capacity is also now complete.
04.04.2013Planning appeal successfulInspector Jessica Graham grants planning permission for the Greenham Reach project. More details available here.
01.02.2013Article in Transition Free PressShaun has an article on the ELC in the first edition of Transition Free Press.
31.01.2013Appeal inquiry concludesOur three-day public inquiry was closed by Inspector Jessica Graham. Verdict expected after 27th March - our report here.
15.11.2012Appeal inquiry dates confirmedOur public inquiry will begin on the 29th January 2013 and is expected to last for 3 days. We and the Council must submit all documentation by early January.
01.11.2012Article in Permaculture magazineShaun's article exploring the ELC's story to date published in Permaculture magazine (later expanded and republished in Country Smallholding).
04.10.2012Appeal application approvedOur appeal application is validated by the Planning Inspectorate. We now await the setting of a date for the appeal.
01.08.2012Shaun's first blog on the ELC published by LILIBlog introducing the ELC and its reasons for existing published on the Low-Impact Living Initiative blog.
16.06.2012Shaun joins the boardShaun is elected to the ELC's board at the 2012 AGM.
06.06.2012Planning application rejectedMid Devon District Council's planning committee reject the ELC's application, despite recommendations for approval from both the Council planning officers and the local Parish Council. The ELC will appeal. More details here.
10.01.2012Council application receivedMid Devon District Council acknowledge receipt of the ELC's planning application for three independent smallholdings at Greenham Reach.
18.04.2011Patrick Whitefield permaculture coursePermaculture teacher Patrick Whitefield runs a free two-day course in support of prospective residents.
Nov 2010The ELC's Small is Successful report launchedThis report examines eight economically viable and highly sustainable smallholdings with land-based businesses on 10 acres or less.
It is showcased by Research Council UK as "UK research that will have a profound effect on our future".
July 2009First land purchased - Greenham ReachThe Co-op completes on a 22 acre site in Devon, consisting of two arable and two pasture fields.
Nov 2007Ecological Land Co-operative launchedThe Ecological Land Co-operative is officially registered.

The Future We Deserve

Shaun wrote the foreword for The Future We Deserve, a collaborative book project edited by Vinay Gupta, Cat Lupton and Noah Raford. He also contributed one of the one hundred short essays that make up the book, and arranged the contributions of Maria Elvorith (the cover art and a short essay of her own), who passed away during the book’s production, and to whom the book is dedicated.

Key partners

Book editors Vinay Gupta, Cat Lupton and Noah Raford and artist, contributor and luminous inspiration Maria Elvorith (1982-2010).

05.03.2012Hard copies releasedThe Future We Deserve is launched, both for purchase in hardback or softback and as a free download.
16.01.2012Cover art chosen and foreword completedShaun completes his foreword. With help from Maria's family, Shaun, Vinay and Cat select an appropriate piece from Maria's portfolio, in line with her excitement at being asked to provide the cover art.
23.08.2010$2,067 raised and work begins in earnestThe crowdfunding drive hits (and exceeds) its $2,000 target just in time.
30.06.2010Crowdfunding drive beginsCrowdfunding drive started via Kickstarter.
29.06.2010Project launched on Twitter@leashless: I'm putting together a book called The Future We Deserve, open brief, 500 words, sign up at

TEQs (Tradable Energy Quotas)

TEQs has become most commonly known by the names ‘carbon rationing’ or ‘energy rationing’, and is under consideration as national policy in a number of countries.

Shaun Chamberlin is Managing Director of The Fleming Policy Centre (formerly The Lean Economy Connection) which co-ordinates the coalition promoting the scheme, supporting research and working with Governments to move it towards implementation. Shaun also lead authored a popular peer-reviewed academic paper on TEQs in 2015.

Key partners

Shaun worked closely with Dr. David Fleming, inventor of TEQs and founder of The Lean Economy Connection, from 2006 until his death in 2010. The Fleming Policy Centre now acts as the hub for the campaigning, research and technical communities around the scheme, with the European Resource Cap Coalition a particularly noteworthy ally.

Updates continue via TEQs websiteAs momentum behind TEQs continues to gather, more recent updates can be found on the TEQs website. To be kept abreast of new developments, join the TEQs mailing list.
03.03.2011TEQs software team inauguratedWe now have a team of volunteers from numerous organisations around the world looking at the possibilities for building and integrating software to run TEQs, with the ultimate aim of the scheme becoming an 'off the shelf' solution for Governments faced with energy crises, or wishing to guarantee emissions reductions.
04.02.2011Australian University collaborating on trialShaun has discussions with researchers at Australia's Southern Cross University, who are leading a project on Norfolk Island, testing the world's first tradable carbon rationing scheme in a realtively ‘closed system’ island environment.
27.01.2011World Bank report receivedA senior energy specialist at the World Bank shares an extensive report on real examples of electricity rationing - both good and bad - providing compelling evidence of both the need for, and the absence of, a thought-through instrument to ensure fair distribution of energy at times of scarcity, and to support managed demand reduction.
26.01.2011Exceptional media coverageThe Parliamentary launch generates extensive media coverage from the likes of the BBC, Time magazine, The Sunday Times, Bloomberg News, The Daily Mail, The Financial Times and many others. Full updated list here.
18.01.2011Parliamentary TEQs report launchThe All Party Parliamentary Group On Peak Oil launch their report into TEQs, with endorsements from John Hemming MP, Caroline Lucas MP, Jeremy Leggett and Shaun. Video footage of all talks, and Q&A, here.
10.01.2011New TEQs website launchedNew TEQs website launched to mark the forthcoming release of the Parliamentary report.
30.11.2010Parliamentary TEQs report launch to go aheadThe All Party Parliamentary Group On Peak Oil report launch will go ahead as planned, with Shaun taking David's speaking slot. We feel sure this is what he would have wanted.
29.11.2010RIP David FlemingDavid Fleming, inventor of TEQs, unexpectedly passes away while visiting a friend in Amsterdam. The various online tributes and obituaries have been collected here.
25.09.2010Facebook groupA supporter sets up a Facebook group for TEQs.
14.09.2010Date set for final Parliamentary TEQs report launchAll Party Parliamentary Group On Peak Oil report launch set for 10am on Tuesday 18th January 2011, at the House of Commons.
13.09.2010Climate Policy special issueYael Parag and Tina Fawcett edit a special Sept 2010 issue of the Climate Policy journal, looking exclusively at ‘personal carbon trading’, including TEQs and PCAs.
01.07.2010London School of Economics presentationDavid Fleming and Shaun present on TEQs and Transition Towns to the Complexity Research Group at the London School of Economics.
19.05.2010Swedish ParliamentDavid Fleming speaks on TEQs at the Swedish Parliament. Extensive 24 minute interview given after the event available here.
03.03.2010Radio EcoshockShaun does a wideranging 25 minute interview with Canada's Radio Ecoshock, covering Transition and the forthcoming All Party Parliamentary Group report into TEQs.
02.01.2010Guardian Letters PageA supporter has a letter published in the Guardian endorsing TEQs as part of a package of measures.
02.12.2009Science Museum debateShaun joins a panel debating carbon trading and offsetting at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, as part of their Cheat Neutral event.
09.11.2009Environment Agency propose carbon rationingThe Chairman of the Environment Agency concludes that "rationing is the fairest and most effective way of meeting Britain's legally binding targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions".
10.09.2009Scottish ParliamentShaun speaks at the Scottish Parliament, as part of the Holyrood 350 campaign.
09.09.2009IPPR's Plan B? report publishedThe Institute for Public Policy Research's new report concludes that Government should prepare the ground for possible future implementation of TEQs.
12.08.2009All Party Parliamentary Group report draft releasedThe first draft of our policymakers' report on TEQs is released by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas, arguing that implementation is now an urgent priority.
18.06.2009Westminster Hall debate on Personal Carbon TradingTim Yeo MP introduces a Westminster Hall debate on personal carbon trading, following on from the Environmental Audit Committee report and the Government's response.
18.05.2009Dutch edition of Energy and the Common Purpose publishedEnergieslank Leven met Klimaat Dukaaten: Stapsgewijs minder
energieverbruik voor allemaal
was translated by Inge Kuipers and Jan van Arkel.
07.05.2009TEQs discussed in Scottish ParliamentDr. Bill Wilson MSP champions TEQs in the Parliamentary debate on the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill.
01.03.2009Resurgence articleShaun's article on TEQs published in the March/April 2009 edition of Resurgence magazine.
27.11.2008Personal Carbon Trading research community gatherThe UK Energy Research Centre hosted a very productive 2-day workshop bringing together the key research experts active in the field of personal carbon trading.
28.10.2008Government response to EAC reportThe Government respond to the Environmental Audit Committee's May 2008 report, reaffirming their interest in TEQs, but refusing to fund further research unless costs can be shown to be lower, or benefits higher, than in DEFRA's flawed pre-feasibility study.
27.09.2008BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 4 host an excellent studio discussion on Peak Oil, in which John Hemming MP argues for TEQs.
25.09.2008APPGOPO reportThe All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas invite The Lean Economy Connection to produce a joint report with them on TEQs, to be published in 2011.
17.08.2008Polly Toynbee articlePolly Toynbee endorses TEQs in her Guardian column.
24.07.2008Sheila McKechnie AwardsShaun shortlisted for the 2008 Sheila McKechnie Environmental Campaigner Award due to his work on TEQs.
16.07.2008Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)The IPPR release the results of their research (parallelling DEFRA's research) into the public acceptability of TEQs, supporting our own earlier conclusions.
03.07.2008First meeting with Gavin StarksGavin is the founder of AMEE, a concept explicitly designed to integrate with TEQs, and which could dramatically cut the costs of implementation.
13.06.2008Transition TownsRob Hopkins interviews David Fleming for his Transition Culture website, and states that "pressure should be coming from the community level up for (energy) rationing".
30.05.2008BBC NewsnightDavid Strahan, author of The Last Oil Shock and TEQs advocate, is interviewed on the BBC's "Newsnight" programme (May 2008). Discussion of TEQs from the two-minute mark.
26.05.2008Environmental Audit Committee reportThe Government Environmental Audit Committee release their report into personal carbon trading, agreeing with our opinion that DEFRA is mistaken to delay a full feasibility study of the subject. Full details here.
13.05.2008All Party Parliamentary GroupsShaun gives a presentation on TEQs to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Climate Change.
09.05.2008The Lean Economy Connection official responseDavid Fleming and Shaun release the Lean Economy Connection's official response to the DEFRA study, highlighting the shortcomings of the methodology and arguing that delay is ill-advised in the absence of other realistic and effective means for addressing climate change and fuel depletion.
08.05.2008DEFRA pre-feasibility study into TEQs releasedDEFRA release their pre-feasibility study into TEQs, which contains much useful research. Unfortunately they also decide not to press ahead immediately with a full feasibility study.
10.03.2008BBC NewsnightSian Berry, Stephen Hale and Kenneth Clarke discuss TEQs on Newsnight, after the topic is introduced by Tim Yeo, Chair of the Parliamentary Environemntal Audit Committee.
12.12.2007Climate Code RedShaun contributed to the carbon rationing section of the Climate Code Red report produced by the Carbon Equity group in Australia.
13.11.2007Climate Change - The SolutionsShaun organised "Climate Change - The Solutions" event in conjunction with the World Development Movement.
24.09.2007Third edition of bookletThird edition of David Fleming's Energy and the Common Purpose booklet on TEQs released, edited by Shaun.
18.07.2007Zero Carbon BritainThe Centre for Alternative Technology and the Public Interest Research Centre launch their Zero Carbon Britain report at Parliament. The report details how Britain could become carbon neutral by 2027 and is built around TEQs.
10.07.2007DEFRA Advisory PanelShaun invited onto DEFRA's Personal Carbon Allowances Advisory Group, to review progress in their ongoing 'pre-feasibility study' research programme.
25.06.2007DEFRA Personal Carbon
Allowances Feasibility Workshop
DEFRA hold a Personal Carbon Allowances Feasibility workshop, looking at what further research is required before a possible future implementation.
11.06.2007De Montfort UniversityFunding secured for research partnership with De Montfort University. Work to begin in 2008.
31.05.2007Evidence submitted on Draft Climate Change BillDavid Fleming invited to submit evidence to the Joint Committee on the Draft Climate Change Bill.
14.03.2007New TEQs websiteNew TEQs website 'soft launched' in collaboration with The Lean Economy Connection.
13.03.2007History and Policy paperHistorian Dr Mark Roodhouse examines wartime rationing and concludes that “the use of taxes alone to control consumption was rejected in the World Wars, and they would not achieve the quick, dramatic cut in carbon consumption that we need now to avert environmental disaster. Tradable carbon rations would have a real impact”.
05.03.2007TEQs recommended in AustraliaTEQs submitted to the Australian Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading by a former CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and former Chair of the Australian Greenhouse Office Experts Group on Emissions Trading.
29.01.2007Second edition of bookletSecond edition of David Fleming's Energy and the Common Purpose booklet on TEQs released, edited by Shaun.
12.11.2006Schumacher CollegeShaun attends David Fleming's course on TEQs at Schumacher College
22.09.2006First contactFirst contact between David Fleming and Shaun re: TEQs

The Transition Timeline

Shaun authored this book in collaboration with the Transition Network. It was requested by local Transition initiatives in order to provide them with a sense of the context within which their local ‘Energy Descent Action Plans’ will be implemented.

Key partners

The team of contributors for this project included:

Rob Hopkins and Ben Brangwyn (Transition Towns),
Peter Lipman (Sustrans),
Chris Vernon (The Oil Drum: Europe),
Tim Helweg-Larsen (Zero Carbon Britain / Public Interest Research Centre),
Paul Allen (Centre for Alternative Technology),
Patrick Holden (Soil Association),
David Fleming (The Lean Economy Connection),
David Strahan (Journalist and author),
Jonathan Essex (Bioregional),
Richard Heinberg (Peak Oil educator),
Jeremy Leggett (Solar Century),
Doly Garcia (Limits To Growth computer modeller),
Ruth Potts/Andrew Simms (new economics foundation),
Caroline Lucas (Green Party).

03.02.2011Mainland China launchAfter success in Taiwan, The Transition Timeline is translated again (into Simplified Chinese) for launch in mainland China.
17.11.2010Translated into ChineseThe Transition Timeline translated into Chinese for the Taiwanese market.
13.07.2009Ways With Words literary festivalShaun discusses his book at the Ways With Words literary festival, as part of a wider speaking tour throughout the remainder of 2009.
05.03.2009The Transition Timeline publishedThe Transition Timeline published in both UK and US, and stocked by all major book stores and sellers.
06.01.2009Publishers agreedGreen Books sign up to publish The Transition Timeline, as a followup book to Rob Hopkins' Transition Handbook. Launch date set for March 2009.
26.08.2008Cultural stories focus addedProject refocused on the cultural stories that will determine which of the future scenarios detailed actually come to pass.
11.08.2008Climate change/peak oil section completedFirst two parts completed outlining context of UK energy descent. Focus now shifts to detailing the Transition Vision for the UK out to 2027.
22.05.2008Online version launchedDue to around 60 new individuals wishing to contribute to the development of the project, the draft Timeline document is added to Google Documents, a service which allows invited collaborators to access the latest version of the document at any time. A forum is also set up for the project on the Transition Towns website.
11.04.2008Transition ConferencePresentation on progress so far to the second annual conference of the Transition movement. Much enthusiasm for the concept and desire to help push the project forward.
25.11.2007Scoping meetingScoping meeting in Bristol with thirteen of the project contributors listed above.
20.11.2007First discussionInitial discussion in Totnes with key members of the Transition Towns network to discuss project outline.

Transition Town Kingston (TTK)

Shaun is a founder member of the Transition Town Kingston Steering Group. TTK exists to mobilise and facilitate community action in Kingston to respond effectively and positively to climate change and peak oil, and operates according to these governing principles.

Key partners

The Kingston community, including the other five members of the TTK Steering Group.

Recent eventsFor more recent information, take a look at our Transition Town Kingston website.
30.05.2009"Visioning the Future"TTK's biggest event yet, with over 250 local residents getting involved in creating positive visions of Kingston's future.
16.02.2009TTK meets with our local MPsTTK members are invited to Westminster to meet local MPs Ed Davey and Susan Kramer.
09.12.2008Council approve Sustainable Communities ActFollowing our petition Kingston Council's Executive approve opting in to the Sustainable Communities Act 2007.
04.12.2008David Fleming celebrationDr. David Fleming gives a fascinating talk on the importance of celebration to mark six months since our steering group formed.
21.11.2008Regional Green ChampionDr. Martin Birley follows up his earlier success with the regional Green Champion award.
07.11.2008Action planning event50 attendees, who form six action groups to raise awareness of peak oil, climate change and TTK.
31.10.2008Over 100 signatures on petitionTTK collects 102 signatures in three weeks on an online petition asking Kingston Council to 'opt in' to the Sustainable Communities Act.
13.10.2008Green Champion awardDr. Martin Birley of the TTK Steering Group is awarded the Kingston Green Champion award.
18.09.2008Guardian interviewFeature interview with Shaun about Transition in the Kingston Guardian.
26.08.2008Granted official statusThe Transition Network recognise TTK as an official Transition Initiative.
08.08.2008Kingston Informer articleFeature article on TTK in the Kingston Informer.
03.07.2008Green Guardian Award nomination
TTK nominated for the Green Guardian's 'Green project or Group' Award.
09.06.2008End of Suburbia film screeningTTK's first public event with around 30 attendees.
02.06.2008TTK Steering Group createdInaugural meeting of the TTK Steering Group.
29.05.2008Kingston Green RadioFive TTK members attend a studio interview for Kingston Green Radio.
26.05.2008Geodesic dome at Green FairTTK had a base at the Kingston Green Fair, along with the local permaculture group, to raise local awareness.
21.04.2008First TTK meetingFirst informal meeting of Kingston residents interested in starting a Transition Town.


Superstruct was the world’s first massively multiplayer future forecasting game, in which players collaborated both to envision our future and to invent new ways to ameliorate it. Shaun was one of the five game masters for the project, which was conceived by the Institute for the Future (IFTF).

Key partners

Jane McGonigal and Jamais Cascio of the Institute for the Future (IFTF).

19.11.2008Closing postClosing post for Superstruct posted on Dark Optimism.
14.11.2008Game endsThe official ending of the Superstruct game, although the site will remain open.
31.10.2008Half way updateUpdate posted at half-way point of the Superstruct game/experiment.
16.10.2008First weekly updateFirst weekly update on Power Struggle and other Superthreats.
06.10.2008Game launchedSuperstruct gamesite goes live and play begins.
22.09.2008Dark Optimism introFirst full introduction to the Superstruct game posted on Dark Optimism.
22.08.2008First videos releasedThe first video relating to each Superthreat is released on the Superstruct website.
08.08.2008Facebook group launchedFacebook group launched by people eager to get playing.
11.08.2008Shaun to be Power Struggle game masterIt is announced that Shaun will be the game master for the Power Struggle Superthreat.
08.08.2008Game website teaser page online.
11.07.2008Further details announcedMore details of the game are released.
10.07.2008First information on Superstruct releasedJamais Cascio of the Institute for the Future (IFTF) releases the first information on Superstruct.