Superstruct – phase 1 completed

by | Nov 19, 2008

On Monday the six-week first phase of the Superstruct experiment came to its conclusion. The Superstruct game website remains open to visitors, but will no longer be updated with new plot points, missions, weekly updates etc.

During phase 1 the site received over 50,000 visitors, with almost 7,000 players registering on the site, who between them told over 1,250 stories of their lives in 2019 and created over 500 superstructures in response to the challenges they were facing. Below the cut more details of events in 2019 so far, and a video of the Superstruct awards ceremony.

If you want to catch up with the events in 2019, the easiest way is to visit the page for the Superthreat(s) you are most interested in – Power Struggle, Quarantine, Ravenous, Outlaw Planet or Generation Exile – and take a look at the five weekly updates submitted by the Superthreat Guides (me in the case of Power Struggle). These provide link-rich updates on the main happenings around the world of 2019 in each week of phase 1.

If you’ve been following or contributing to Superstruct you might also be interested in the below video presentation of the Superstruct awards and honours, given to some of the most inspirational or astonishing participants in the game to date, and awarded by such luminaries as Tim Kring (creator of the TV series “Heroes”), Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Warren Ellis (comic book writer) and Tim O’Reilly (originator of the Web 2.0 concept), among others.

In actual fact the game is still continuing, and a number of participants have ‘escaped’ from the main site, creating spin-off sites like Reconstruct and the Foundation of Hope, where they plan to continue shaping our future.

In addition, the Ten Year Forecast team at the Institute for the Future will now analyse the player-created game content and prepare an official Superstruct Report featuring the most important collective insights about the year 2019, and the best tactics for superstructing society. Highlights from this report will be emailed to all registered Superstruct players in April 2009.


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