"To be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing." - Raymond Williams

Welcome to Dark Optimism! – pinned post

by Shaun Chamberlin on January 16th, 2019

It’s been brought to my attention that after over ten years of Dark Optimism, some of the best stuff has got a little buried. So if you’re new here and could use a pointer or two, this one’s for you!


Shaun Chamberlin Dark Optimism
About me and Dark Optimism
(video clips at the bottom, or check out this intimate podcast for more on my life and lifestyle)


Shaun Chamberlin - Dark Optimism - Extinction Rebellion - Blackfriars Bridge
On my involvement with the Extinction Rebellion


Lean Logic & Surviving the Future - David Fleming
About my late mentor David Fleming’s astonishing books, which I shepherded to posthumous publication. The most potent contribution I’ve yet made to our world.


Our 2019 film, The Sequel: What Will Follow Today’s Troubled Civilisation?


Embracing Change - Joseph Thomas Armada Noriega
On grief, activism and the darkness in my optimism (see short blog or interview)


Ecological Land Co-op
On land and the Ecological Land Co-operative, which I used to chair
(as of 2018 it has four sites around the UK and is growing fast – see blog post or STIR magazine article)


Dark Optimism - the album
The ‘Dark Optimism album’ – product of my passion for finding the songs from various artists that speak powerfully to the times we live in (new suggestions most welcome!)


A few classic blog posts:
~ ~ ~
Is activism therapy? (a response to the excellent film Just Do It)

Heroes and villains in Copenhagen, and beyond (on the UN climate negotiations in 2009 – our ‘last chance’, apparently)

Carbon Offsetting, what’s it really about?

The Climate Science Translation Guide
~ ~ ~
Or a scroll-through selection of my favourite posts from the past decade.

And finally, some of my best articles published elsewhere (magazines, journals etc)


Welcome, and may you find something to inspire and excite.

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  1.  Reza says:
    6 June, 2019 at 8:34 am

    This is such a useful addition for latecomers to your like me. Appreciated.

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