Community, Place and Play: A Post-Market Economics

by | Jan 26, 2017

In a couple of weeks (Feb 6-10) I’ll be leading a week-long course at Schumacher College based on David Fleming’s legacy: Community, Place and Play: A Post-Market Economics. It will be an exploration of what ‘life well lived’ looks like in a world of ecocide and collapsing civilisational structures, and a call for those present to ramp up their involvement in the informal economy of relationships and Nature. The key resources for a thriving future.

Myself, Rob Hopkins and Mark Boyle have all been walking variants of this path for at least the past decade or so, and are much looking forward to discussing and debating the most delicious, enlivening ways forward in today’s world. And all of us are deeply inspired by the work of David Fleming, the mentor I first met, along with Rob, when they taught me at Schumacher College ten short years ago. It feels a great honour to follow in his footsteps and continue his work.

I’m also particularly delighted that we will be able to première the beautiful, challenging and yearning film We, The Uncivilised as part of the course. It fits perfectly with the themes we will be exploring and is, quite simply, the most memorable film I have seen in years. It will be a real highlight and catalyst.

Here is a quick Q&A I did with Positive News on the course, and I believe one or two spaces are still available if you wish to join us. Can’t wait!

Edit – 14th Feb 2017 – I had intended to do a full blog post reflecting on the course, but in the aftermath I find myself exhausted, thrilled and satisfied, with a deep yearning for quiet and stillness. Suffice to say that the week was even more potent than I had hoped, and felt a transformational experience for most, if not all, of us there. Many powerful relationships were formed and ideas mooted, and I look forward to seeing what emerges as we all continue on our paths.


  1. d

    I feel like I must attend the workshop on February but don’t
    have a clue on how I will make it work. I am an able bodied
    61 year old male with the desire to make a difference.
    Any ideas?

  2. Felicity Sylvester

    I was so hoping to attend your course this week.
    But instead have planned my own course to read the “Surviving the Future”-carefully in 5 days this week and work on each of my currnt projects each day.
    I would really like to meet you and Rob and have asked if I can come along to a lunch or a dinner later this week. I am only 30 miles away in Liskeard and would so like to meet you both(and the orther students)
    I attended your lecture about Daivid Flemming.
    I don’t know Chelsea very well but attended Bristol Poly -first students on the Town Planning course in 1969 and se uo Community Action with all the colleges and Uni! Co ordinated Adventute Playgrounds in Bristol and in SW, married a trawlermanin Devon! and went to Kinsale on ourTrawlwr in 1979!-planning to move from Cornwall to Cork inn 2018!!
    Would really like to meet you both sometime this week-please.
    Kind regards,
    Felicity Sylvester

  3. Shaun Chamberlin

    Hi Felicity,

    It was an intense and powerful week, so a shame you couldn’t join us, but I hope you gained a lot from your careful reading of “Surviving the Future”. There is much to be gleaned from its pages, that’s for sure.

    Best regards,


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