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August wanderings…

by Shaun Chamberlin on September 1st, 2014

A couple of nice videos from my wanderings in August. I started with a few days at the ever-wonderful Transition Heathrow, to support them through their threatened eviction. You can see how that went in the short video above.

And then a coach was arranged from Grow Heathrow up to the Reclaim The Power anti-fracking camp in Blackpool, where I gave a couple of workshops, on TEQs and the Grow Heathrow eviction resistance, as well as doing my first Legal Observer training. The video below tells the story of that camp, and I certainly learned a lot there, as well as having a great time.

It reminded me in many ways of the Climate Camps – it’s amazing what a group of committed people can build and achieve when nobody’s telling them what to do…

Oh, and those with keen eyes might spot me in both vids! 🙂

Now time for an overdue month of reading, writing and generally catching up with myself before October’s adventures in Scotland with Findhorn and Trees for Life.

Transition Heathrow eviction resistance

  1.  jane says:
    30 March, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    I was so sad to hear of the eviction of Grow Heathrwo this month

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