Revolution – RapNews #7, feat. Bono

by | Mar 30, 2011

Robert Foster’s brilliant Rap News makes it onto Dark Optimism for the second time, with a comment on recent events featuring the likes of Hugo Chavez, Glenn Beck, Bono (“Tell China to end first world debt”) and John Pilger, as well as footage from the ongoing American revolution.

Well worth a watch, as is this interview, where Noam Chomsky dismantles Jeremy Paxman’s worldview to his face.

Edit – 28/04/11 – And here’s a sincere call for American revolution, from Adbusters.


  1. RobinLovelace

    That’s amazing inspiring stuff Shaun thanks a million.

    Check this article out

    I wanted to forward it to Greer to see what he thinks; could you put me in touch? my email is rob00x at gmail dot com so let me know. Ru going to Small Is 2011? Peace up, Robin

  2. Shaun Chamberlin

    Hi Robin,

    Best way to show JMG is just to comment on his most recent post over at “The Archdruid Report” – he’s very responsive.

    And no, don’t have plans for this year’s Small Is… festival as yet, although I have just agreed to speak at Glastonbury. Keeping speaking engagements to a minimum at the moment though.



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