Happy birthday Transition Heathrow!

by | Mar 1, 2011

Now here’s a video to lift your soul and make your day, celebrating the first birthday of the ever-more wonderful Transition Heathrow.

As discussed here last year, the site is not safe from the authorities, but it has now got an assured future until November at least. The ultimate aim is long-term community ownership. Thanks to all readers who supported the campaign, and huge congratulations to all at TT Heathrow – you are an inspiration.

Edit – Second short video now available.


  1. Trish

    Only just seen this Shaun, brilliant and full of hope and love !
    Never been there so really good to see this on here.
    What can be accomplished with dedicated people !
    Rock on this kind of change !

  2. Stephen Maltby

    Visited transition Heathrow recently, and sadly there are many occupants who have little interest in alternative living, but only seem interested in getting drunk all day, and contributing nothing to society – including the self appointed person in charge. Just interested in having an easy life doing nothing constructive.


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