The Intergalactic Health & Safety Inspectorate

by | Feb 11, 2011

The brilliant cartoonist Marc Roberts (whose work will be familiar to regular Dark Optimism readers) got in touch with the Transition Network last year offering to produce a strip exploring the Transition concept. The time has come for the results to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public!

In Marc’s own words, “they will be loosely exploring some of the Holmgren and Chamberlin scenarios through my usual combination of toilet humour and sarcasm”.

He does himself a disservice – for me, it’s a real honour to see my work used by someone whose talents I have long admired and enjoyed.

Two cartoons will be released each week. This post will be updated with the new cartoons as they are released, and they will also go out on Rob Hopkins’ Transition Culture site and on a Transition Network blog.

The first four (+ a special message from the Inspectorate) are below. Hope you enjoy them!

Mon 7 Feb

Marc Roberts 01-GortKlaatu

(click to expand each strip)

Marc Roberts 02-ForArmed

Letter to Earthlings from the Intergalactic Heath & Safety Inspectorate

To whom it may concern,

Your planet has been selected for an extended audit by the Intergalactic Health & Safety Inspectorate, a worker-owned cooperative originating from a distant galaxy.

My colleague Gort and I have much work ahead and we will need to communicate our progress to you. Our studies of your culture indicate that your pictures paint a thousand words, so we will be using cartoons to convey our message.

We’ve therefore randomly selected an earthling to chronicle our adventures and given him special cartooning powers. He is working from a safe house deep in the discombobulation matrix and when our work here is done, we’ll endeavour to return him to Manchester with most of his main parts intact.

So from now on, our adventures – starting below – will come to you in this medium.

And don’t be alarmed if you see us on your doorstep, we may be making housecalls in your area shortly…

Yours intergalactically,

– Primitive Species Specialist, Dept of Planetary Remediation
– Intergalactic Health & Safety Inspectorate, Upsilon Andromedae Sector

Fri 11 Feb

Marc Roberts 03-Door2door

Marc Roberts 04-Provider

Mon 14 Feb

Marc Roberts 05-PeakAll

Marc Roberts 06-Orders

Fri 18 Feb

Marc Roberts 07-Timemachine

Marc Roberts 08-TooMuchTv

Mon 21 Feb

Marc Roberts 09-Probably

Marc Roberts 10-Malaria

Mon 28 Feb

Marc Roberts 12-NextDoor

Marc Roberts 11-Local

Mon 7 Mar

Marc Roberts 13-Ransom

Marc Roberts 13-FraughtandSnafu

Mon 14 Mar

Marc Roberts 14-Rats

Marc Roberts 15-Bushmeat

Mon 28 Mar

Marc Roberts 16-Jetpack

Marc Roberts 17-BadBack

Mon 4 Apr

Marc Roberts 18-Eyes

Marc Roberts 19-Shoes

Mon 11 Apr

Marc Roberts 20-Loyalty

Marc Roberts 21-Exhale

Mon 25 Apr

Marc Roberts 22-Tazer

Marc Roberts 23-FacePaint

Mon 9 May

Marc Roberts 24-Throw

Marc Roberts 25-Fish

Mon 30 May

Marc Roberts 26-Unwanted

Marc Roberts 27-Biomass

Marc Roberts 28-Spy

Marc Roberts 29-Drama

Marc Roberts 30-Disney

Marc Roberts 31-Health and Safety

This is as far as Marc Roberts has drawn this story for now! Drop him a positive comment here if you’d like to see more!

Edit – Sun 4 Dec:

Marc Roberts Bonus Pic - Occupy

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