All Party Parliamentary TEQs report launch

by | Jan 23, 2011

What a week – Tuesday’s launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil’s report into TEQs was a tremendous success, with excellent media coverage, including Time magazine, The Sunday Times, Bloomberg News, the BBC, the Financial Times and many others (linked article list). The only problem has been that the degree of interest has been such that I haven’t found a moment to write anything here – although I have been Tweeting, I feel as though I’m the last to cover it!

A fuller, more thoughtful piece may follow when time allows, but for now take a look at the videos from the event (Caroline Lucas MP, John Hemming MP, Jeremy Leggett and me), the various blogs that are discussing the implications, and of course the report itself.

On a personal note, it has been hard getting through all this without my co-author David Fleming, who passed away suddenly around six weeks ago (I also suffered another extremely close bereavement shortly after), but I am pleased and proud that it has gone so well. Many people have worked to make it possible and given their support, but I’d particularly like to thank Beth Stratford, an inspiring climate campaigner and the editor of the report, who over the past few weeks has given more time than she really had to help make the launch a success. Thanks Beth.


  1. Mark

    I just wanted to say congratulations on an amazing job, Shaun. This is a really exciting idea offering a truly practical and effective way to address humanity’s most serious challenges. This kind of proposal provides hope and direction in the context of an ever-growing body of terrifying scientific observations. Pragmatic and innovative thinking and doing like yours is vital for us to be able confront denial, complacency and despair and get us on the right track.

  2. Shaun Chamberlin

    Thanks Mark, that’s much appreciated.

    And thanks for your email – I will get to it as soon as time allows!


  3. Scumboni

    Great work – will be watching the progress of the wave you’ve created!


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