Coalition of the Willing

by | Jul 22, 2010

This is a really fantastic piece of collaboration animation on the subject of responses to climate change, from the striking opening comment on Copenhagen on through. Though as the creators freely acknowledge, the ideas behind it need a little love.

It strikes me that some great candidates for their proposed Green Knowledge Trust, Catalyst System and Open Innovation Centre are already coming together..


  1. Mandy Meikle

    Thanks Shaun, as ever. Global collaboration over the crises facing the planet is something I think about often (too often). Open Source and Wikipedia are two fine examples of what people can do collaboratively. However, unless ‘the swarm’ gets its head around issues like ‘net energy’, we will fail to find workable solutions. I found the image of CO2 being captured a bit unnerving as the peg & balloon sequence suggests using technology (which uses energy and may suggest that we can carry on with business as usual) rather than biology (e.g. restoring grassland ecosystems and leaving them alone) to capture CO2. It doesn’t matter how many people are collaborating if too few of them understand ecology.

    I am not a climate sceptic by any means, but I think we are missing the bigger picture by focusing on reducing carbon without emphasising the need to reduce energy demand. This is the tricky bit as it flies in the face of growth economics. This globalised system we live in cannot function without cheap energy and cheap energy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Who will have access to energy in the future is one of many questions which troubles me and, no doubt, many others. So I’d better contact the film producers, eh?

  2. Andrew Lohmann

    I have also been thinking about the positive way that the web has brought people together and socialise across the world. OK some co-operation is handed down such as SETI. See my weblink.

    We are all conditioned to some degree like sheep to herd together rather than scatter when a sheep dog shows up, and blame each other or the sheep dog rather than look at how the Shepard or the supermarket figure.

  3. Sid

    Nice Indeed ..


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