Which three technologies would you take with you into a lower energy future?

by | Jan 31, 2010

So here it is – this first video contains the final proof that all Transitioners (me included) have been brainwashed to think alike! Two other vids – and an explanation of where they all came from – below.

Transition: What’s that all about then?

What’s your ‘Transition Vision’?

These three videos were made by Andreas Teuchert via a simple process. He roamed the 2009 Transition Conference, pouncing on unsuspecting passers by and dragging us into a dark room to point a camera at us and probe us with questions. Then he took the footage away and edited it up into the finished videos you see before you. Good work!

For those who may be interested in attending, details of this year’s Transition Conference(s) can be found here.


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