Wake Up, Freak Out – then Get a Grip

by | Sep 22, 2008

An ingeniously clear and engaging 11 minute animation explaining why the next few years are the most important humanity has ever faced, or will ever face. We who are lucky enough to be alive now are effectively the most powerful people who will ever live, and future generations are breathlessly watching our every choice.

More information on the animation and the thorough research behind it can be found at: http://wakeupfreakout.org/

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  1. Mandy Meikle

    Hi Shaun – surprised no one’s commented on this. What a fab wee film! Leo (producer) is going to send me a DVD of it for public screenings. He was at the Climate Rush (www.climaterush.co.uk/) – a lot of good stuff going on…we just need to use it to make change actually happen! Heinberg et al on R4 was appreciated too – I’d missed that.
    M x


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