Climate Camp 2008 – Kingsnorth

by | Jul 29, 2008

The Camp for Climate Action starts this Sunday and runs for just over a week, until Monday 11th August. I will be there giving a workshop in partnership with the Zero Carbon Britain team (on the Wednesday – full workshop list here), and I urge all of you in the UK to come along too, whether for the whole week, for the weekend, or just for a day.

This is the gathering of the wonderfully diverse mass-movement building against the collective suicide pact that is Business As Usual. There will be talks and workshops with some of the best-informed experts, friendly warm hospitality, passionate activists, music, laughter and perhaps most importantly of all, the chance to have fun with masses of people and realise that we are very far from alone with our fears. I can’t wait.

For those in London trains run every few minutes and take less than an hour, and of course it’s well organised yet free (I’m told even the food is good, cheap and locally sourced!) Full details at the Climate Camp website. I hope to see all of you there.



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