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Superstruct – phase 1 completed

by Shaun Chamberlin on November 19th, 2008

Fictional Audrey protests - Superstruct

On Monday the six-week first phase of the Superstruct experiment came to its conclusion. The Superstruct game website remains open to visitors, but will no longer be updated with new plot points, missions, weekly updates etc.

During phase 1 the site received over 50,000 visitors, with almost 7,000 players registering on the site, who between them told over 1,250 stories of their lives in 2019 and created over 500 superstructures in response to the challenges they were facing. Below the cut more details of events in 2019 so far, and a video of the Superstruct awards ceremony. Read more »


by Shaun Chamberlin on September 22nd, 2008


Superstruct is a new massively-multiplayer online game in which players like you will invent the future of our world.

In 2019 the Global Extinction Awareness System (GEAS) has just reported that humanity may face extinction by the year 2042 and people around the world are mobilising to respond (GEAS report available here).

There are five intersecting ‘Superthreats’ which are the main drivers behind this projection, and I will be guiding the community focusing on ameliorating the ‘Power Struggle’ Superthreat (our post-peak oil energy troubles). Join us. Read more »